Here is a flowchart to help you better comprehend how bartering in the IMS Network can help you conserve your cash, sell your excess inventory, attract new customers and increase sales.

How IMS works


1.  The Contractor who is an IMS member provides $10,000 of remodeling services to another IMS member, the Resort. $10,000 trade dollars is added to his IMS account.

2.  The Contractor uses $5,000 trade dollars to purchase commercial time at a local Television Station. The Television Station receives $5,000 trade dollars.

3. The Television Station trades for $1,500 in accounting services. The Accountant receives $1,500 trade dollars to his IMS account.

4. The Accountant books a resort vacation package for $1,500. $1,500 is deposited into the Resort’s account in trade dollars.

These business are free to trade with each other as well as over 16,000 business in the IMS network throughout North America.

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